Own a Honda XR250 Tornado?

Shout “Eureka!”?because you’ve finally found an English website dedicated to helping you maintain, service, understand and mod your beloved Honda XR250 Tornado.

What Do You Need For?Your Honda XR250?Tornado?

Honda XR250 Tornado English Owner’s Manual

Here’s the XR250 Tornado Owner’s?Manual in English.

Honda XR250 Tornado English Workshop / Service Manual

Here’s the workshop / service manual in Spanish. I’ve hacked Honda’s edit protection on it so that you can copy/paste any part of it into Google Translate to translate it to English.

Honda XR250 Tornado Alternative?Spares List

Can’t find spares for your XR250 Tornado in your country? Here’s a list of alternative OEM and parts from other bikes that will fit your XR250 Tornado.

Known Issues XR250 Tornado

Here’s where we (yes, that means you and I) will gather information about /known?Issues and how we’ve fixed our Tornados when they have stopped playing nice.

XR250 Tornado Mods

I need your help with this. Please contact me and tell me all about your mods.

Preparation For Long Distance?Travel

I interviewed Toby Shannon of?Around The Block Moto Adventures in Peru.?He rents Honda Tornados and preps them for touring in Latin America. He is also an engineer, so he knows what he is talking about (unlike me). Here is what Toby does to each Honda Tornado to get it ready for long distance travel.

Honda XR250 Tornado Specifications

Here you’ll find all the specs of your little Tornado.

Why The Honda XR250 Tornado Is A Great Lightweight Adventure Bike

Here’s why I’ve owned 5 of these bikes for long distance adventure travel.

4 thoughts on “Own a Honda XR250 Tornado?

  1. Hi Bruce

    Great write-up. Thank you gor the effort and time that you’ve put in.

    Looking forward to a good relationship with my Tornado


  2. Hi, im just looking around, good to know this bike its apreciated, so great resources in here, im from Ecuador and believe me this bike its so popular here, all the police force use it, same for Brazil and Argentina, so there are hundreds or thousands in here, that means a lot of parts and authorized Honda shops, and dealers, im trying to find a bike that suits my budget and aspirations, maybe a Tornado will do, good journey. If you plan buying an used one beware of possible stolen ones, ask the seller to go to ¨Comision de Transito¨ and, pay someone outside (a tramitador or maybe some officer with will to help you) a few bucks (10 – 20) to check chasis and engine numbers to match those in the registration (matricula), Quito and Guayaquil are the biggest cities, Cuenca also have a lot of ridding culture and very probably you will be able to check registration there too. another advice, be ware of being around with too much money, thieves sees tourist and know some of them usually carry big money, so be care night and day, dont stay in sollitary places until night, Im from Guayaquil and if you like i can help set you up in you come here for a reasonable fee, whatsap 593 980 861 946.


  3. I had so many doubts and aspirations as to what bike I should buy. It had to meet some criteria, but most of all it should be reliable, easy to maintain / find parts, cost effective, trail friendly and look good. You sold me on the Tornado.
    Thank you so much for the knowledge you share through this website. I just bought my 2006 tornado and look forward for some fun with it.


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